Steve Gigou
Steve Gigou
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Hi, I’m Steve!

I create affordable iOS apps,
libraries for Swift
and free fonts.

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RPLife capture

RPLife icon RPLife for iPhone

Roleplay your life

Evaluate your skills like in an RPG.
Execute IRL tasks and watch your life improve.

RPLife capture

RPLife icon Habitudes for iPhone

We are what we repeatedly do

Use the power of habits and routines
to improve yourself every day.

RPLife capture
RPLife capture
Majordome capture

Majordome icon Majordome for iPhone

Your own household assistant

Keep your house
clean and welcoming.

Majordome capture
RPLife capture
RPLife capture

iBépo icon iBépo pour iPhone & iPad

Le clavier Bépo sur iOS

Toute la force du Bépo
optimisée sur vos appareils mobiles.


For your Swift applications.

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Free and open source fonts.

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Feel free to contact me.

Who am I?

I’m a french IT engineer

I make iOS applications and websites.
I believe in affordable apps and lifetime prices.
I’m also working on a permaculture farm.