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Majordome icon Majordome for iPhone

Your personal household assistant
to keep your house clean.

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Majordome capture
Majordome capture

Create your rooms

Every room has its own icon
and can be ordered as you want.

Choose from 25+ predefined rooms.

Create your tasks

Attach tasks to some rooms
and set their repetition.

Choose from 65+ predefined tasks.

Do your chores

Majordome reminds you
and lets you organize your day.

Never forget anything.

Specific to your home

Draw your house
using more than 35 icons.

Make Majordome your own.

Crafted for your iPhone

Fed up with ugly multiplatform apps?

Yes I am.
Apps must be made carefully for your OS.

Available in english.

Get Majordome for iPhone today

Download Majordome on the App Store